An Integrated
Total Benefits Solution®
for Employers of Every Size

Kelly Benefits is one of the nation’s largest employee benefit administrators, brokers, payroll providers and consultants.

We’re committed to helping businesses navigate the intricacies of insurance, benefits and payroll, while saving them time and money.

Kelly Benefits delivers high quality, cost-effective, integrated corporate benefits and payroll through:

  • An incredible team of dedicated professionals. Our set of business values called “The Kelly Way” inspires our team to serve our clients with excellence.
  • Efficient processes, tools, and technology. We’re dedicated to delivering cost-effective efficiencies.
  • High-integrity alliances with the finest health, life, disability, dental and vision carriers, suppliers, and brokers.


The Business of Better<sup>®</sup>

The Business of Better®

The Business of Better® — Making businesses help make a better world.®

We’re motivated to help make your business better by saving you time, helping you control the escalating cost of benefits, and ensuring you get the maximum value from your people investment.

Our Actions

  • We get better through our pursuit of excellence.
  • We seek wisdom for decisions through collaboration.
  • We put our clients first.
  • We represent and serve our partners and suppliers with integrity.
  • We care for our clients while working toward healthy corporate growth.
  • We view marketplace and client challenges as opportunities to strengthen relationships.
  • We respond to communication promptly and appropriately.
  • We maintain a sense of urgency when responding to people and resolving problems.
  • We keep a positive attitude.

Actions speak louder than words.

  • We tell the truth.
  • We admit when we make mistakes.
  • We apologize when we are wrong.
  • We hold each other accountable.
  • We encourage one another.
  • We value and respect people.
  • We treat others the way we want to be treated.
  • We grow and develop personally and professionally.
  • We give time, talent and treasure to organizations committed to serving those in need.
  • We celebrate and have fun!
Our Approach

Our Approach

Our Vision Drives Our Commitment and Our Approach

Our Commitment

Helping People, Partners and Businesses…

Control Cost, Save Time and Maximize Value...

Through Our Quality People, Efficient Processes and Effective Tools

Our Approach

A Total Benefits Solution®

Providing Industry-Leading Expertise, Efficient Administration and Innovative Technology

Our Mission

Kelly Benefits is an organization committed to the pursuit of excellence in an effort to bring honor and glory to God by:

  • Providing our clients with quality products, benefits, and services… always putting “The Client First”;
  • Dealing honestly and professionally with our carriers and suppliers… representing them with integrity and excellence;
  • Valuing one another by treating each other with dignity and respect… recognizing that it is the “People of Kelly Benefits” who make the unique difference;

and thereby earning a reasonable return on the organization’s investment.

Our Mission - Defined

Honor and Glorify God

By striving to apply the values, principles and standards of The Bible to our business, we hope to bring honor and glory to God and develop attitudes and actions that permeate this organization...

The owners of this organization recognize that God is sovereign in all areas of life, including business, and that this business is His. We are stewards of it. By striving to apply the values, principles and standards of The Bible to our business, we hope to bring honor and glory to God and develop attitudes and actions that permeate this organization and thus result in treating our clients, carriers/suppliers and the “People of Kelly Benefits” as we would want to be treated.

Serve Our Clients With Excellence

The hallmark of this organization is our commitment to putting “The Client First” every day. We work diligently to develop and maintain long-standing, mutually beneficial relationships with our clients, striving to understand each of our clients’ unique corporate objectives and needs. As we understand those needs, we work to provide our clients access to quality products, benefits and services, delivering these efficiently and in a manner understandable to the client.

In an effort to put “The Client First,” we strive to conduct business in a manner that is professional, responsive, courteous and polite, recognizing our dealings with our clients should be marked by fairness, honesty and integrity. By striving toward excellence in innovation, quality, efficiency and client satisfaction, we believe our clients will continue to choose us.

Develop Strategic "Partnerships" With Quality Carriers/Brokers/Suppliers

We recognize that to serve our clients well, we must develop and maintain long-term, strategic partnerships with quality carriers, brokers and suppliers. We believe these relationships must be mutually beneficial and based on honest and professional commitment to integrity and excellence in service.

Recognize Our Business is Our People

In our pursuit of excellence, we expect and accept from ourselves nothing less than our best efforts, remembering that each of us, the “People of Kelly Benefits,” makes the unique difference.

The “People of Kelly Benefits” are the key to the success of our organization. We are committed to treating our employees with dignity and respect, dealing with them honestly, compensating them fairly, and providing quality benefits and opportunities to develop their unique potential. In our pursuit of excellence, we expect and accept from ourselves nothing less than our best efforts, remembering that each of us, the “People of Kelly Benefits,” makes the unique difference.

Earn a Reasonable Return on Our Investment

As good stewards, we believe this organization should earn a reasonable return on its invested capital after it has given an appropriate share of earnings to charities committed to serving the least, the last and the lost. Our goal is profitable growth.


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