KTBSonline—Your Benefits Administration Technology Solution

Benefits management for you and your clients.

KTBSonline, our proprietary client database and eligibility management system, provides leading-edge technology solutions. It is a resource for all of your benefits administration needs. When you partner with Kelly Benefits Advantage (KBA), you are able to deliver your clients efficiency and powerful support through technology.

Efficient processes and effective tools are just part of our Total Benefits Solution®. KTBSonline works in concert with KBA to deliver a powerful technology and customer service platform.

KBA ensures superior service and quality control with a fully staffed Call Center and dedicated service team, as well as experienced back-office implementation specialists, enrollment processors, and quality assurance technicians.

KTBSonline can put you in touch with your benefits information quickly and easily.

Data at your fingertips.

Data at your fingertips.

Kelly Benefits Advantage offers robust technology that makes benefits management more efficient and cost effective.

KTBSonline consolidates and centralizes all your benefits information in one convenient, secure tool.
Benefit personnel and indvidual employees have designated access privileges to your customized group website.


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