Renewal Service and Support – Working on Your Behalf

Kelly Benefits Advantage (KBA) helps facilitate the renewal process with state-of-the-art technology and a proven system.

We provide brokers with an efficient renewal process benefitting both the broker and their clients through a partnership with both our technology and our People.

KTBSonline is cutting-edge technology that gives brokers round-the-clock access to exclusive tools such as a quoting engine and resource center to help manage their block of business. At renewal, KTBSonline assists brokers by allowing them to:

  • Generate custom quotes from over 70 leading carriers – Generate custom medical quotes
  • Automatically submit renewals - Securely submit renewals online
  • Access carrier rates, plans, and documents

Once a decision is made and contracts are in place, group enrollment can begin through the client portal on KTBSonline. With all employees enrolled, KBA works to ensure they receive ID cards and bills are correct and more, providing you and your clients with peace of mind that everything is in place and employees will have the benefits they need when they need them.

Benefit from our Relationships

With our substantial block of business, KBA garners the attention of many of the leading insurance carriers and suppliers throughout the country. Over the years, we have forged outstanding working relationships with many of those vendors — building upon a foundation of trust and mutual respect that only comes by doing things “the right way” for decades.

Our Mission says it best:

  • Provide our customers with quality products, benefits, and services — always putting “The Customer First”
  • Deal honestly and professionally with our carriers and suppliers — representing them with integrity and excellence
We work on your behalf.

We work on your behalf.

Our customers come first — whether we’re negotiating, advising, or serving.

Kelly Benefits recognizes that we have a partnership, first and foremost with our customers, but secondly, with the carrier and supplier community.
We view our role as acting on behalf of the customer, to negotiate the fairest rate for the proposed risk using the comprehensive data and extensive benefits expertise at our disposal. Put our People, technology and services to work for you.


How can Kelly Benefits help you? Contact us today to learn more about comprehensive benefits and payroll solutions customized and integrated to meet your needs.

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