KBS Drive — Turn Health Care Data Into Savings

KBS Drive delivers easy-to-read reporting that benchmarks your data against national norms.

The rising costs of healthcare are a concern for businesses everywhere. You need a way to better understand these expenditures and to help contain the costs while still providing benefits that allow you to attract and retain quality employees. That’s where KBS Drive comes in. 

The information that KBS Drive  provides about your benefit plans can help you understand what is driving your costs and give you data needed to make informed, impactful decisions. KBS Drive  breaks down comparisons by region, industry and company size. It allows you to explore data such as:

  • Total health plan costs
  • Inpatient and outpatient claims 
  • Emergency Room and office visit utilization and cost 
  • Claims by major diagnostic categories 
  • Wellness investments
How do your claims compare?

How do your claims compare?

KBS Drive includes reliable health care benchmark data that shows you how your organization’s health care claims compare to industry and regional norms, to identify cost and utilization disparities.

Drive Rx Dashboard

Kelly Benefits Strategies offers a prescription drug analysis report to help us assess whether your costs are appropriate and where problem areas may exist. Among the categories analyzed are:

  • Paid summary
  • Mail service utilization 
  • Total member cost share 
  • Brand name vs. generic utilization
<em>Drive</em> Analytics

Drive Analytics

Our Supplementary Plan Analysis gets to the source of problem areas to help you implement tailored solutions to lower costs. Find health and Rx plan answers such as “who’s using the ER most — employees, spouses or dependents?” and “who’s utilizing mail order vs. pharmacy?”
Our Multiproject Reporting function lets you compare up to four different data sets to isolate disparities, including data trends from year to year, and multiple divisions or locations.
Our Drive Alternate Plan Modeler lets you “test drive” potential changes to view the impact to both your budget and employees before making any final decisions.

Drive Disease Profiler

Using reliable data, the Disease Profiler can show average costs of claims by disease category. This allows our Consultants to work with you to:

  • Predict future costs and budget
  • Negotiate more accurate rates with stop-loss carriers
  • Design and implement a disease management program


How can KBS Drive turn health care data into savings for your organization?

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