Executive Plan Management Reports — Understanding Costs and Trends

Executive Plan Management Reports are highly detailed documents that provide valuable data for executives and decision makers.

Executive Plan Management Reports provide robust data that can help identify costs, trends, and savings opportunities:

  • Enrollment analysis
  • Yearly and quarterly claim costs per employee per month (PEPM) and per member per month (PMPM) 
  • Benchmarking comparisons 
  • Cash outlay and aggregate summaries 
  • Medical claim analysis 
  • Large claim analysis 
  • Average medical and Rx costs vs. national averages 
  • Top prescription drugs by cost and number of scripts 
  • Demographic reports completed on a quarterly basis
Customized to your data requirements.

Customized to your data requirements.

Get the data you need, the way you need it

Tailor your own reports through KTBSonline and automatically download them into Microsoft® Excel.

Need more detail?

More complex reports can be generated by Kelly Benefits’ Plan Management Department, in conjunction with the appropriate carrier or supplier. Kelly Benefits can provide vital data and cost savings on your benefit spend.

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