Technology for HR Professionals — Easy Management of Employee Benefits

Technology that matters. Easing the benefits administration burden for organizations of all sizes.

KTBSonline is your Total Benefits Solution® technology — it provides a fully customizable web portal that facilitates the enrollment and management of client benefits.

  • One location for enrollment, billing, employee engagement and reporting
  • Integrates all employer information for one or many vendors
  • Streamlines, consolidates, aligns, and in some cases, fully eliminates complicated manual processes or double entries between non-connected IT systems, carriers, and TPAs
  • Secure, convenient, easy to use
Technology that benefits you and your employees

Technology that benefits you and your employees

KTBSonline is a simple and easy-to-use benefits technology that benefits your employees, too.

They can enroll, add benefits, change personal information, order ID cards, and so much more, through their employee level access — allowing them accomplish what they need while alleviating the burden from your HR Team.

The People behind the technology

In addition to the comprehensive solutions brought to you by KTBSonline, Kelly Benefits Strategies provides personalized customer service through a fully staffed Call Center and dedicated service teams — including experienced back-office implementation specialists, enrollment processors, and quality assurance technicians.

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Reducing spend, increasing value

Kelly Benefits’ expertise, administration and technology help reduce your benefit spend, increase the value of your health care plans, and allow you to focus on the efficiency of your core business — while increasing compliance, data security, and employee engagement.
Kelly Benefits’ technology for HR professionals can help you manage your benefits, more easily and efficiently.

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