Underwriting, Risk Assessment & Product Placement — Providing Prediction and Peace of Mind

Feel confident in your renewal decisions knowing that you have a trusted partner.

Unlike many other brokers, Kelly Benefits Strategies (KBS) has an in-house underwriting team — one that works tirelessly to predict what your coverage should cost. This insight helps in deciding whether or not you should continue with current carriers and plans, or make a change.

From renewal and beyond

When it’s time to renew, your KBS team sends out a request for proposal to carriers asking for quotes on your behalf. With numbers in hand, they make a strategic recommendation, but their work doesn’t stop there. Once your plan is in place, our underwriters work in tandem with your KBS consulting team to continually monitor your plans to ensure they continue to align with your benefits philosophy and financial expectations.

Our underwriting team can provide you with the right plan for your employees and right price for your budget.

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The right plan, the right price.

The right plan, the right price.

We help you choose a fair and reasonable quote — time and again.

Our expertise, administration and technology are instrumental in helping you choose a fair and reasonable quote.
Our underwriting team forecasts what you can expect at renewal.


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