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As Featured in I95 Business: A Passion and Culture for Serving Others


21 JUNE 2021

BALTIMORE, MD – Kelly Benefits Chief Executive Officer, Frank Kelly III, sat down with I95 Business to discuss how his parents’ devotion to faith and family inspired an organizational culture of serving others while driving 45 years of growth and success.

Founded in 1976 as Francis X. Kelly Associates, Inc., Kelly Benefits’ culture stems from the deep-seated values that its co-founders, Janet and Frank Kelly Jr., infused into the organization from the very beginning. Launching from the basement of the family home, the organization is now run by Janet and Frank’s four sons, Frank III, John, David, and Bryan. “It wasn’t a huge vision; it wasn’t a huge goal. Our parents just wanted to serve their clients and provide for their family while sinking their roots deeper into the community. They started on their knees and God has blessed and honored it,” says Frank III.

Kelly Benefits and its culture have grown and evolved considerably since its start, but the commitment to faith, family, and serving the community have remained consistent and will continue to be guiding forces for the organization.

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