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Maryland business leaders celebrate Governor Larry Hogan’s accomplishments


14 NOVEMBER 2017

SPARKS, MD – On Tuesday, October 24th, Maryland business leaders and key officials gathered at Kelly & Associates Insurance Group (KELLY) in support of the positive impact Governor Larry Hogan has made on Maryland’s job growth, business growth and economic resurgence this past year.

The Honorable Francis X. Kelly, Jr., Co-Founder and Chairman of Kelly & Associates Insurance Group and his sons, Frank Kelly III, CEO of Kelly & Associates Insurance Group and KELLY Payroll, John Kelly, President of KELLY Benefit Strategies and Bryan Kelly, President of KELLY Marketing Services joined over a hundred community officials and area executives in support of Governor Hogan. The event, which started with a tour of the KELLY organization, allowed the business community and leaders in the Maryland health care industry to learn more about the Governor’s accomplishments since taking over the office and plans on continued progress for the remainder of his term.

“Prior to my inauguration in 2015, Maryland had lost 8,000 businesses, 100,000 jobs and was experiencing the largest mass exodus of tax payers fleeing the state,” said Governor Hogan at Tuesday’s event. Since 2015, Hogan has helped move Maryland into the top ten states in the nation for overall economic performance, added over 130,200 new jobs and decreased the unemployment rate by 4.2 percent (Hogan, 2017).

Maryland now ranks as the fifth most innovative state in America, the third in the country for entrepreneurial business growth and has the second lowest percentage of people living below the poverty line in the nation (Hogan, 2017). Tuesday night’s event at KELLY celebrated this tremendous work and honored Governor Hogan and his office for the dedication and commitment to Maryland’s business community.


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