Employer Mandate Compliance Services –
Staying Compliant and Penalty-Free

Our Employer Mandate Compliance Package helps your organization comply with many of the Affordable Care Act’s most complicated requirements.

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) is riddled with complexities that can prove costly if your organization isn’t compliant. Our Employer Mandate Compliance Package helps calculate, define, and report the necessary data to ensure your organization complies with ACA’s complicated requirements and is penalty-free.

The Employer Mandate Compliance Package can also help organizations that had payroll services through another provider for a portion of the year as well as businesses that don’t have their benefits with Kelly Benefits.

A comprehensive solution

Kelly Benefits Payroll is able to work with organizations of all sizes to provide the correct type of Employer Mandate Compliance Services needed. Below are the services and reporting available through the Employer Mandate Compliance Package:

Employer Mandate Monitoring:

  • Applicable Large Employer (ALE) Status - Large Employer Estimate Report -
    This report will accurately determine an organization’s Applicable Large Employer (ALE) Status with full-time equivalent tracking. An organization’s ALE status drives many of the reporting requirements for the Employer Mandate, but it isn’t always easy to determine.
  • Full-Time Employee Definition - Identifying full-time employees is an important but sometimes complicated process required to determine which employees must be offered benefits. This package provides reporting for both current employees and new hires throughout the year to determine if, based on variable hours or fluctuating work schedules, they qualify as ‘full-time’ under the Employer Mandate. These reports provide simple and easy to understand answers about employee classification.
  • Standard Measurement Period Report (for your Current Employees)
  • Initial Measurement Period Report (for New Hires)
  • Affordability - Safe Harbor Affordability Report - Using the IRS safe harbor calculating methods, this report will help determine if the employer offers a minimum value plan that is “affordable” as defined by the Employer Mandate. Organizations that are offering plans that are not “affordable” can face significant penalties.
  • IRS Reporting - The new IRS regulations require many employers to file information returns with the IRS and provide statements to employees about the health insurance coverage they offer. Kelly Benefits Payroll will take the confusion and complication out of meeting these new requirements and will complete IRS Forms 1094-C and 1095-C.


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Take the work and worry out of ACA requirements.

Take the work and worry out of ACA requirements.

You’ll have peace of mind knowing that Kelly Benefits Payroll can handle all of this for your organization through the Employer Mandate Compliance Service

Who is considered a full-time employee? This service identifies full-time employees per the IRS definition.
This service also determines whether your organization offered “affordable” coverage.

For your convenience, IRS forms are completed, filed and distributed for you.
Accurately determine your organizations Applicable Large Employer status with full-time equivalent tracking – even if you have variable hour employees!


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