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Health & Wellness

BurnAlong is an online health, wellness, fitness and social motivation video platform that brings the power of choice and diversity to employee wellness.

On BurnAlong (web/app) employees have unlimited access to over 5,000 OnDemand and LIVE streaming classes spanning 45 categories of fitness, nutrition, mental health and financial wellness. Employees get to pick from over 750 instructors -finding someone who they relate to by age, race or even ability.

BurnAlong brings employees social motivation through optional live group classes (see and hear others), communities to share ideas with others focused on the same goals and we include family! Each employee has 4 free accounts to share with their family.

From an administrative side BurnAlong comes with dedicated account management, detailed reporting and challenge tools to help take work off the plate of HR and engage as many employees as possible in wellness.

We make wellness and self care as inclusive and exciting as possible for employees by creating a personalized and engaging experience for all!