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Group Vision Service
Group Vision Service

GVS appreciates the opportunity to present our vision plan to you and your client. We offer one of the most comprehensive vision plans in the marketplace today. Our unique network powered by Eye Med Vision Care with access to over 100,000 providers in both private practice and the premier retailers, like Lens Crafters, Target Optical and most Pearle Vision centers. Benefits are administered the same regardless of type of provider selected and we send member welcome kits to all employee’s homes with ID cards.

Plus, these unique benefits offerings enhance our plan, and makes us a clear choice for your clients and their employees.

  • Hearing Exam and Hearing Aid Allowance: All plans include a hearing exam and $200 per ear hearing aid benefit, plus routine hearing air conduction test included through EPIC providers. Like vision, we feel employees hearing is an important part of their overall health and well-being and should be part of an overall benefits package.
  • Hearing Aid Savings Plan: Initial hearing exam covered through an EPIC provider plus fixed costs on all makes of hearing aids through EPIC Hearing Healthcare. These savings can be provided to all employees including extended family as well.
  • GVS Discount Savings Plan: Discounted exam and defined materials benefit for all GVS members extended family. Also available to employees not covered under the insured plan.
  • In Network Contacts on-line: In network allowance for any contacts purchased throughcontactsdirect.com•In Network Glasses on-line: In network allowances for glasses throughglasses.com
  • Additional Pair Benefits: Provides a 40% discount on all glasses after the funded benefit is utilized at any in network provider, retail or private practice, includes prescription sunglasses
  • Safety Glasses: PrescriptionSafety Glasses available with no Administrative fee or eligibility file. Safety glasses available at wholesale cost through LensCrafter’s and Pearle Vision locations
  • Member Discount Program: Members have access to a fully loaded discount marketplace throughBenefitHub
  • Extraordinary Offers for your Eyes: Includes additional discounts on glasses, contacts and Lasik available on GVS Member Portal.