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Kelly Benefits’ Plan Cost Estimator takes the guesswork out of choosing benefit plans.

Plan Cost Estimator, convenient and easy-to-use online benefit decision support tool, is a valuable part of the KTBSonline enrollment experience. Specifically designed to help employees select the optimal benefit plan for their individual needs, Plan Cost Estimator gives employees the power to make informed health care decisions, while also enabling them to better understand and appreciate the value of the benefit options you offer to them as their employer.

Unbiased, Reliable Results

When it comes to selecting health care coverage, research shows that more than 50 percent of consumers make poor decisions, resulting in the wrong plan being chosen and higher, unnecessary costs. Plan Cost Estimator’s built-in technology eliminates the guesswork from choosing a benefit plan, using a complex algorithm and an employee’s own responses to related health care questions, to deliver reliable and personalized plan selection recommendations in four minutes or less.

How does Plan Cost Estimator do it? By looking beyond just physician and hospital visits. Plan Cost Estimator also accounts for often unanticipated or unexpected medical expenses, such as prescriptions, medical supplies, imaging and therapy costs to identify the total cost of episodic care. It then combines this information from a database of more than 165 million employees and normative data from the publicly available federal Actuarial Value (AV) Calculator tables, the same data used to assign tiers and metal levels to medical plans under the Affordable Care Act. It then automatically adjusts for geographic location costs provided by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services to customize recommendations based on an employee’s area of residence. Complicated behind the scenes, but simple results for employees.

Improving the Benefit Selection Experience

Employers providing access to Plan Cost Estimator can expect 50-70 percent of their employees to take advantage of the technology, with many accessing it more than once or running multiple scenarios for the most informed health care decisions. Benefit decision support helps improve benefit offering communications, reduces Human Resources-directed questions and supports an often-confusing decision, all of which result in a more positive benefit selection experience.

Plan Cost Estimator pricing varies per employer group size, please click below to contact us for a demo and more information.

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Disclaimer: Plan Cost Estimator provides benefit plan recommendations based on an individual’s answers to posed health care-related questions. Individuals are not required to select a recommended plan. It is ultimately the individual’s decision to determine and select the plan that is best for them. The projected costs associated with the plans are examples of how each plan might cover an individual’s medical care. Actual costs may be different depending on the actual care received, the price a provider charges and many other factors.


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